Speaker: Sue Weber


Everything you always wanted to know about Samhain, a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest, and the beginning of the winter “dark half” of the year. It’s also a time honor our ancestors. Find out how this holiday plays a role in many … read more.

Flowers That Bloom in the Spring Tra La

As Nanki-Poo sings in The Mikado – “The Flowers that Bloom In the Spring Tra La Bring Promise of Merry Sunshine”. As we come out of a long cold winter into the light what can we do to spring clean our mind, body & soul?


Along with Christmas and Hannakuh there is another holiday called Kwanzaa. Let’s explore what this celebration is all about. We have a very special guest musician – Moe Jerant will be drumming. Don’t miss this service!

Prophecy 101

What does prophecy mean in the different world religions? One definition is to forecast or predict the future. How do we have the power to shape this future for ourselves.