The UUCLV Lay Pastoral Care Team is made up of specially-trained members. They are able to provide ongoing pastoral care for members of our UUCLV community. Examples of the types of care that the team might provide are ongoing visits with members who are otherwise unable to stay connected with the congregation, or follow-up visits after a time of grieving. Our minister, Rev. Larry Smith, is the primary provider of pastoral care for acute and/or one-time issues. If you think you would benefit from a pastoral care relationship with someone on our team, send a message to the team at or contact our minister at If you would like more information about possibly becoming a member of the team, contact our minister.

UUCLV Lay Pastoral Care Team

Rev. Joanna Herren Rev. Joanna Herren (supervisor)

Jean Davis Jean Davis

Malika Ryan

Tom Van Doren

Sue Weber