The UUCLV Welcomes YOU, for who YOU are.

The UUCLV is a Welcoming Congregation and offers support to GLBTQIA youth through HAVEN, a gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex and allies youth group run by the UUCLV. Learn more about HAVEN here.

Whatever your gender identity, gender expression, sex, affectional or sexual orientation, family or relationship structure, you have a home at UUCLV. You are invited to share in the leadership, ministry, fellowship, worship, responsibilities, blessings, and joys of congregational life.

UUCLV officially became a “Welcoming Congregation” to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer community in 2001 through a congregational vote. The declared mission: To challenge the members of the UUCLV to be open to all people and to fostering a nurturing community of mutual acceptance, respect and love.

Shortly after officially becoming a “Welcoming Congregation” the UUCLV formed HAVEN (Hope, Acceptance, Validation, Equality, Nurturing) a unique opportunity for LGBTQIA youth to meet once a week in a safe and supportive environment.  Visit the HAVEN web page for more details about the program and activities.

Learn more about the UUA Welcoming Congregation Program. Or download more information here.