Welcome to the Children’s Religious Education Program at UUCLV

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We offer religious education classes for children and youth, ages 5 – 18. They are staffed by volunteer members and friends of UUCLV. The curricula are drawn from the Unitarian Universalist Association’s comprehensive catalog, most of which is available on their web site by going to the Curricula and Faith Development section of the UUA’s web site at http://www.uua.org/re.

We select curricula that match our goals of developing our Unitarian Universalist values:

  • Respect for all people, cultures and faiths
  • Develop a life-long thirst for truth and meaning
  • Work for peace and justice
  • Value our home, earth, that we share with all living things

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To look at or print the (draft) one-page RE calendar, click HERE.


We ask that you fill out the Registration and Permission Form ahead of time so that our teachers know the child’s name, any pertinent information about them, and your contact information. There is an opt-out question if you prefer that your child not have any photograph of them published in any on-line media.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions we will be utilizing ZOOM gatherings  for classroom participation in the Fall.

We will use this forum for teaching until restrictions change. You will receive information from your child’s teacher to connect for you child’s class.

When restrictions are lifted, please check with web site for changes.

The Sunday School Schedule varies by classroom.

Volunteer Opportunities

We all appreciate the work our teachers do to nurture the young people of our church. If you are able to contribute to UUCLV’s Religious Education program to help ensure its continuation, please consider how you can volunteer.  While the rewards are immeasurable, the time commitment is limited and well defined. You will be asked to pass criminal and child abuse checks, and that you be involved in church life for at least 6 months before working with children and adults.

There are many opportunities to assist:

Teacher: Teachers are asked to commit to prepare lessons once or twice a month. The lead teacher is responsible for preparing and leading lessons.  Detailed curriculum, supplies, relevant student information, and training are all provided.  You’ll be supported every step of the way by the combined wisdom of experienced teachers, the RE Committee.

Your level of participation beyond that is entirely up to you.
Teachers and assistants can choose from 2-3 different classrooms: KDG./ 1st-6thGrade,  or 7th-8th Grade (special training is required for this class). Teams strive to alternate volunteers so that no one has to be in class more than twice a month. Your teaching team will arrange its own schedule to ensure each classroom has a lead teacher and an assistant on each of the 24 Sundays.   

If you prefer, you can also contribute in other ways.

Driver: The senior high youth group goes to youth activities. Occasionally there is a need for transport. If you are going to drive children and youth (other than your own) to church sponsored events, we require that you print and fill out the Driver Checklist and Qualification Form and give it to the teacher, advisor or Director of Lifespan Religious Education at least one week ahead of time.

Substitute teacher:  Fill in as needed.

Assist for special events: help on Special Sundays when the children and youth are not in the Sanctuary, provide food for special events, or chaperone sleep-overs.

Office assistant: help organize supplies, photocopy, create bulletin boards, and assist in classroom set-up.

If you would like to volunteer for any of these opportunities please contact Jeane Burd jemcodyboo@aol.com or 610-751-2125

Requirements for Adult Volunteers and Teachers

1. Provide a signed Volunteer Code of Ethics Statement.

2. A signed Swear and Affirm statement, attesting to your fitness to work with children and youth.

3. Once every five years and at the start of your service, Pennsylvania law requires that  State criminal and sexual abuse background checks be conducted.

4. If you have not lived in Pennsylvania continuously for at least ten years continuously, Pennsylvania law requires that you apply for a FBI fingerprint criminal background check. See Jansen Wendell for instructions.

5. Volunteers must be known and active at the UUCLV for at least 6 months, or provide references from their past UU Church. You may be asked to provide other references.

6. Membership to the UUCLV is encouraged.