Our Mission

We, the members of the UUCLV, in accordance with the UUA Principles and Purposes, set before ourselves the following mission

  • Awakening Spirit
  • Connecting in Kindness
  • Helping to Heal the World


Our Covenant

In holding our relationships sacred, we the people of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Lehigh Valley make promises about how we treat each other as we pursue our religious journey together. In this spirit, we affirm and covenant that –

We welcome and accept all who enter.
 Greet all warmly
 Treat our differences as opportunities for greater understanding

We communicate with kindness and respect.
 Assume all have good intentions
 Listen with an open mind
 Honor boundaries
 Disagree without criticism or judgment

We participate in our church community with generosity and good humor.
 Freely share our time, talent, treasure and energy
 Welcome others to join in our activities while honoring their right to decline
 Honor all levels of service to the church

We work together to resolve conflicts.
 Give people the benefit of the doubt
 Stay engaged even in the midst of difficult issues
 Assume responsibility for our own feelings and actions
 Be slow to anger and quick to forgive
 Gently call each other to account for hurtful behavior

We support each other in times of happiness and sorrow.
 Recognize talents and nurture spiritual and personal growth
 Be open to accept help and give help when needed
 Practice gratitude and appreciation
 Celebrate the joy of being together

Acknowledging that this covenant represents lofty goals toward which we strive, we empower one another to remind us when our actions fall short of our ideals.