UUCLV uses policy-based Governance, meaning that the Board of Trustees sets clear policies and procedures that reflect the congregation’s vision and mission. The Board empowers staff, committees and congregants to implement these policies and procedures. The staff and committees are encouraged to develop these documents around their functions for Board approval. As needed, task forces are developed to implement board initiatives.

The Board is made up of the president, vice president, past president, the clerk, six board members and the minister, who is non-voting.

The President, vice president, past president and minister make up the Executive Committee whose function is to review and discuss emerging issues within the congregation and plan the board agenda.

The Program Council consists of the committees of the church. Its function is to handle the normal operations of the church and improve communication and coordination between the committees and the board. The Vice President is responsible for running the monthly meetings.

The Bylaws of the church detail these functions and responsibilities.