Here you will find notices from the Pandemic Safety Team and resources regarding the church’s re-gathering.

Current Status

Last Updated: 12/3/21
Level of Risk: HIGH
Based on the current Level of Risk, worship services & activities are virtual.


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UUCLV Re-Gathering Policy During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Please refer to the full Re-Gathering Policy for information about requirements and processes.

Last Updated: 08/15/21
Even now, eighteen months after its initial emergence, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to present evolving challenges & considerations. Public health advisors have stressed ongoing dangers including uneven vaccine acceptance, rapid development & spread of new variants which are more contagious (& possibly more deadly), and younger children not yet being eligible for vaccination. Many unanswered questions remain, such as how effective our vaccines will be in response to emerging variants, to what extent vaccinated people spread the virus, and how long vaccine protection lasts.
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Guidance for Gathering in Covenantal Community

This document with a helpful table covers the expectations for individuals attending church activities of various types and sizes based on the current levels of transmission in our region. Click the table below for a larger version.