Here you will find notices from the Pandemic Safety Team (PST) and resources regarding the church’s re-gathering.

Current Status

Last Updated: 7/28/22


We continue in the “purple” state of higher transmission. Both numbers of cases and use of ICU beds are slightly higher.

What This Means
Worship and Outdoor gatherings permitted—with masks, social distance and proof of vaccinations (outdoor gatherings is a recent change to the Guidance for Gathering chart). Food and drink are allowed outside with masks required unless actively eating or drinking.

Additional Notice
It has been reported that a congregant tested positive for Covid 19 after attending the Sunday 7/24/22 Service. This does not mean Covid was spread at the Service, but it certainly reinforces the masking and distancing approaches we are using as measures to reduce Covid spread. The virus remains active with overall numbers continuing to rise slowly. Hospital use and ICU beds remain available. The Pandemic Safety Team encourages you to follow the guidelines given by your health care professional. If you develop symptoms, test yourself and contact your provider.

UUCLV Re-Gathering Policy During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Please refer to the full Re-Gathering Policy for information about requirements and processes.

Last Updated: 02/26/22
The Covid-19 Pandemic has undergone significant evolution since the UUCLV Re-Gathering Policy was first drafted during Summer 2021. There has been the emergence of two sequential Covid variants – Delta & Omicron – which have circulated the globe causing unprecedented surges of infection, morbidity & societal disruption. The Delta variant proved to be more seriously pathogenic than previous versions of SARS-CoV2; Omicron was notable for its markedly enhanced transmissibility. Any changes we make to the UUCLV Policy must encompass the likelihood that there will be additional new variants in the future as this zoonotic virus continues to mutate.
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Guidance for Gathering in Covenantal Community

This document with a helpful table covers the expectations for individuals attending church activities of various types and sizes based on the current levels of transmission in our region. Click the table below for a larger version.