The Property Committee serves the congregation by ensuring that our facilities are well maintained and are as up-to- date as funds allow. This includes systems such as heating and plumbing, as well as roof and gutter upkeep, yard and sidewalk care, and maintenance of outside woodwork and windows. Maintenance also includes supplemental cleaning and making or overseeing repairs as needed. We work closely with the Sexton, who often attends our meetings, and arrange for outside contractor bids on special projects.

The Committee is comprised of UUCLV members and friends, who want our building to be presentable and in good repair. The Committee Chair is chosen by the Nominating Committee and is placed on the slate of committee chairs and officers to be elected at the Annual Meeting.

We are always looking for additional members with ideas and energy for keeping our building “ship shape”.  We especially welcome those with experience in maintenance, repairs and upkeep of buildings.  More than welcome are those who just love heading up a short-term repair project!

Annually, we organize several Church workdays, providing opportunity for ALL UUCLV members to keep our home clean.

For more information please see Dora Davenport in Church or contact: