Human / Nature *Hybrid*

It seems that there’s nothing new in “the theology of the liberal church,” as it was called in theological school. But there is something that has always been there and is still something new at the same time, reasonable and mystical.

We will be conducting this … read more.

Democratic Process *Hybrid*

Unitarian Universalists, almost uniquely, hold up the democratic process among their religious principles. The daily news shows us where, even in democracies, rights are being ignored and eroded, justified with some individuals’ beliefs and using democratic means. It is a situation where faith groups, especially … read more.

Awe *Hybrid*

Awe imbues people with a different sense of themselves — one that is smaller, more humble and part of something greater than themselves. We explore the connections between experiences of awe and altruism, a sense of attunement with humanity and other positive effects on … read more.