Social Action Committee Statement on the Death of George Floyd and Racial Injustice

UUCLV supports the Bethlehem Interfaith Group (B.I.G.) statement denouncing systemic racism evidenced by the violent death of George Floyd and numerous other people of color.  We support peaceful demonstration and protest against the many social injustices that plague minorities in the United States, and we denounce inequality and systemic racism and call for social change.

We stand by the B.I.G. pledge to break the pattern of accepting discrimination in law enforcement and in our criminal justice system by speaking out and taking action for change. We urge legislators on all levels of government to reform practices that spring from systemic or personal prejudices and move towards adopting methods that de-escalate confrontation and build positive community partnerships.

During this time of social unrest and reflection, we ask our congregation and community to be alert to prejudices that have contributed to systemic racism in so many aspects of our society, and to work to eliminate it.  We stand with the Bethlehem Interfaith Group, which professes, “We refuse to give up on our sacred values of justice and freedom for all, and will never relinquish our belief that the bonds of affection between and among us can be repaired and replenished.”