All requests for a room reservation or a Zoom meeting must use this form.

Please use this form to request a reservation for your meeting, event, etc. The process is simple and quick. (Zoom meetings do not need to answer the questions regarding a physical space.)

  1. Check the church calendar  »here«  for the date you need.
  2. You must first read and acknowledge (below in the form) that you have checked the calendar.
  3. If there is nothing scheduled, complete the form below. Notice that any field marked with * is required.
  4. You will be contacted via email by the church administrator with notification that your room and date are on the schedule.
  5. If you don’t receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please email the office at to verify that the request was received.
  6. You’re DONE! Go ahead and make your plans.

If anything changes please contact the office