Speaker: Rev. Kim Wilson

FREEDOM *hybrid*

One of the foundational elements of Unitarian Universalism is our commitment to the individual freedom of belief. Being a UU gives each of us an opportunity to participate in developing a faith that is personally meaningful, yet it is not always an easy path. In … read more.

Awe *Hybrid*

Awe imbues people with a different sense of themselves—one that is smaller, more humble and part of something greater than themselves. We explore the connections between experiences of awe and altruism, a sense of attunement with humanity and other positive effects on our mental and … read more.

We Are All Wounded Healers *Hybrid*

As we all know, experiencing some pain in life is a part of the human condition. Henri Nouen, author of a little book called Wounded Healers, suggests that by finding and addressing the suffering in our own hearts, we become better able to … read more.

Our Religious Forebears, Nature and the Goddess

Long before Unitarian Universalism existed, before even Christianity or Judaism had been born, the cultures of Europe worshipped gods and goddesses, and nature was an integral part of their religious understandings. Why did this change & how did it affect our attitudes toward mothers and … read more.

Spiritual Tools for Tough Times

There are so many worrying things going on in the world, our country and in our own communities, that it can sometimes become depressing or overwhelming. Rev. Kim offers some thoughts on how to find wholeness and a balance between our care and concern, and … read more.