February 2020 Breakfast Forum Schedule


February 2


Please join us for a small group discussion on what does it mean to be a people of Resilience?


February 9

Slavery in America – Phil Reiss, presenter

Come hear what you were never taught about slavery in American history. Phil Reiss talks about African-American treatment during Black History month.


February 16

Understanding Right-to-Lifers – Steve Wiggins, presenter

In honor of Valentine’s Day, come hear a discussion about the biblical view of sex and how the Right to Life movement understands it.  Steve Wiggins will provide the ancient background to this current issue.


February 23

Franework for Freedom – Richard A. Mathisen, presenter

Come hear Richard Mathisen discuss Western Civilization—how modern ideas of freedom emerged from ancient hunter-gatherers, Greek democracy, the Medieval Church, the Magna Carta, and the American Constitution.


If you are interested in leading a discussion or for more information, please contact Steve Wiggins or anyone of our Breakfast Forum volunteers, Frank Stone, Fred Bomberger, John Kennedy and Dan Poresky.  If you would like to be added or removed from the Breakfast Forum email list, please email your request to Steve Wiggins.