April 2019 Breakfast Forum Schedule


April 7

What Does it Mean to be a People of Wholeness? – Frank Stone, Presenter

Please join us for a small group themed discussion on what does it mean to be a people of journey.


April 14

Resisting The Philosophy of Naturalism: Ethics of Power (Good=Power) – Victor Madeson, Presenter

Contemporary Fascism and Communism are recent names given to an old idea that contrasts to Contemporary Democratic & Humanistic Power Theories. The ideas of Hobbes and Marx can be traced back from Machiavelli to Carneades (good=self interest) and Trasymachus (might makes right). A video presentation and handout will examine how Fascism works with featured Yale professors Jason Stanley and Tim Snyder.


April 21

The Red Cross From a 19th Century European Battlefield to Your Living Room Today – Bill Thawley, Red Cross Volunteer Services Eastern PA Region, Presenter

Our history, our fundamental principles (humanity, impartiality, independence, voluntary service, unity, universality), how we are SAVING LIVES every day, including right here in the Lehigh Valley and how YOU can get involved will be presented.


April 28, 2019

Welcome, Neighbor  Hugo Ceron, Asst. Professor in Sociology, Lehigh Univ. and Sandra Aguilar, Assoc. Professor in Latin American History, Moravian College, Presenters

This presentation is based on an exhibit that celebrates the contributions of immigrants to our Lehigh Valley community. It highlights people who have either immigrated to this area or are descendants of immigrants. This Collective Memory Project used a multi-lingual team of interviewers, organizers, photographers, humanities experts and students to record these personal stories of various cultures.