July 2018 Breakfast Forum Schedule


July 1

“The Story of God II w/Morgan Freeman”Cease Blocker, Presenter
“The Chosen One” Almost every faith has a figure believed chosen by God. Freeman goes in search of the chosen people walking the earth today, including the new Dali Lama, religious shamans; Muslim, Sikh, and Taoist people who show divine inspiration, etc.

July 8

“Beacon Press and the Pentagon Papers”Victor Madeja, Presenter
President Nixon was disgraced when the heroic publishing of the Pentagon Papers revealed that he was lying to the public about his losing Vietnam War strategy. Victor will discuss the historical facts of how the Beacon Press, our UUA publisher, agreed to publish volumes of Daniel Ellsberg’s stolen Pentagon Papers from the government and was about to be prosecuted by Hoover’s FBI.

July 15

“Life as a Theravada Buddhist Monk”Bhante Dhammawansha, Presenter
A Theravada Buddhist monk since his youth, Bhante will share his life story, from a novice monk in Sri Lanka to becoming the Senior Monk at the Dhamma Wheel Meditation Society in Clearwater, Fl. He’ll talk about how one’s own efforts, and meditation, are vital to the path towards enlightenment. He’ll follow his talk by leading us in a Loving Kindness meditation.

July 22

“Gratitude”Annie Marans, MSN, RN, Presenter
Experts have linked gratitude to a host of physical, psychological, spiritual and social benefits. Come and enjoy discussing ideas about the benefits, myths and possible blocks to Gratitude. Annie enjoys years of facilitating group discussions, and is a recent graduate of both a two year Interfaith Studies and a Heart Centered Meditation program.

July 29

“Human Evolution: Latest Science, Fascinating Questions”Richard A. Mathisen, Presenter
Scientists have learned a huge amount about human evolution in the past 20-30 years. They believe during the last 5 million years there were big developments in five areas. We will explore the Evolution of the Body, of Emotions and Marriage, of Cooperation and Morality, of Language, and of Tool Use. Richard will provide an overview and lead a discussion.