June 2018 Breakfast Forum Schedule


June 3

“Blessing – What Does it Mean to be a People of Blessing”Rev. Don Garrett, Presenter
Join us for a small group themed discussion on what it means to be a people of blessing.

June 10

“The Future: Colonizing the Galaxy, Human-level Intelligence, Immortality – and a Good Pickle”Frank Stone, Presenter
Where did the pickle come from? When George on the Jerry Seinfeld show went on and on about all the things he never experienced, Jerry replied that he never had a really good pickle. For the fun of it, let’s delve into the minds of the futurists to discover what experiences they believe may await humanity. Spoiler alert: a good pickle isn’t among them.

June 17

“Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Rising”Oliver Hartman, Presenter
HRC Rising is a national campaign focusing on six key states: Ohio, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Pennsylvania. Right here in Pennsylvania, we are focusing on key regions that will turn the tide for 2018 and beyond, and building Regional Equality Action Councils made up of ordinary people looking to do extraordinary things. Together, we are going to get out the vote and unify the state in a historic movement that will strengthen community bonds, offer unique opportunities for leadership development and training, and save lives.

June 24

“Judaism & Race: The Complex and Confusing Ways Jewsih People Fit in America’s Racial landscape”Dan Poresky, Presenter
We will listen to a provocative 30 minute NPR program (augmented with slides) that explores questions such as: Is Judaism primarily a religion? Are Jews a race, an ethnicity, a culture? Are Jews white people? If Jews can be any, all, or none of those things, what makes a Jew Jewish and why are they collectively hated by white supremacists as demonstrated last August at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia? It should make for lively discussion.