July 2019 Breakfast Forum Schedule

July 7

The Abolitionists 1820’s – 1840 – Cari Poole, Presenter

This PBS video begins by transporting us back showing a re-enactment of the inhuman treatment of southerns slaves, and the courageous acts of the men and women who fought against it. William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, John Brown and Angelina Grimke lead the early abolition movement covering Boston, Philadelphia and Sooth Carolina, but it seemed like it was one life-threatening step forward, and two hopeless steps backward for them and their followers. We also learn about the women’s suffrage movement surface at this time. part 1 of 3.


July 14

The Future: Glass Half Empty or Glass Half Full – Frank Stone, Presenter

On the horizon: genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and micro robotics. The threats: nuclear war, ecological collapse and human redundancy. Can we enjoy the benefits and avoid the threats?


July 21

What Makes Us Laugh-Jokes, Quotes & Funny Stories! – Ann Peaslee, Presenter

Please bring jokes, quotes & funny stories to share. Some of the categories of humor will be given with examples. Humor is good for your mind, body & spirit.


July 28

The Abolitionists 1820’s – 1840 – Cari Poole, Presenter

Frederick Douglass escapes to New York and works in a whaling town in Massachusetts avoiding bounty hunters. He meets and partners with William Lloyd Garrison, who is publishing “The Liberator” and together they promote antislavery throughout the northern states. Douglass sails to Great Britain where he is a revered eloquent freed slave. Resolute, he returns back to America as a publisher and Underground Railroad supporter, while more states legalize slavery. In 1852 “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” is published and John Brown partners with Douglass to mobilize and take action. 1854, violence is inevitable. pt 2 of 3.



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