January 2019 Breakfast Forum Schedule


January 6

“What Does it Mean to be a People of Possibility” – Rev. Don Garrett, Presenter

Please join us for a small group themed discussion on what does it mean to be a people of possibility..


January 13

An Introduction to A Course in Miracles – Rev. Joan M. Kistler, Presenter

A Course in Miracles is a spiritual thought system which claims to offer its readers spiritual transformation. It was “scribed” by clinical and research psychologists Dr. Helen Schucman through a process of inner dictation that she identified as coming from Jesus. People have called this controversial work everything, from “New Age pyschobabble” to the “New Age Bible.” Come learn about The Course, and decide for yourself!


January 20

Welcome, Neighbor  – Hugo Ceron, Asst. Professor in Sociology, Lehigh Univ. and Sandra Aguilar, Assoc, Professor in Latin American History, Moravian College, Presenters

This presentation is based on an exhibit that celebrates the contributions of immigrants to our Lehigh Valley community. It highlights people who have either immigrated to this area or are descendants of immigrants. This Collective Memory Project used a multi-lingual team of interviewers, organizers, photographers, humanities experts and students to record these personal stories of various cultures.


January 27

Towards a New Scientific Humanism – Frank Stone, Presenter

Eric Kandel, in his latest book, “The Disordered Mind”, describes how a biological view of the brain and mind can point the way towards a new scientific humanism. In this talk we will examine that thesis.



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