December 2018 Breakfast Forum Schedule


December 2

“What Does it Mean to be a People of Mystery” – Rev. Don Garrett, Presenter

Please join us for a small group themed discussion on what does it mean to be a people of mystery..


December 9

American Immigration Policy: Some Welcome and Some Not – Phil Reiss, presenter

This is a presentation of various laws about immigration and naturalization, laws passed in the 1920s establishing quotas for certain ethnic groups, as well as the fast track to citizenship process most Americans are unaware of will be presented.


December 16

Created Equal & the 14th Amendment – Cari Poole, Presenter

In this fascinating PBS series we take a motorcycle adventure across the US with Peter Sagal revealing the history of our many equal rights battles including slavery, gender, race, abortion and economic liberty as we continue to expand equality, protect our rights and enhance our liberty through the courts. pt 3 of 4


December 23

Using Words Philosophically – Peter Stone, Presenter

At the heart of many arguments, in philosophy and in daily life, are disagreements over how to define certain words. Such disagreements can seem impossible to resolve. Is it possible to say anything about the right and the wrong way to use words? Trinity Political Science Professor Peter Stone explores this question, examining important philosophical terms such as “free will,” “religion,” and “God.”


December 30

The Bible for Atheists and Nonbelievers – Richard A. Mathisen, retired pastor, Presenter

Richard will be focusing on the Bible’s highly sophisticated view of human nature and morality rather than on religious or theological aspects of the Bible. He hopes to generate much discussion with our audience.


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