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Ministerial Search Begins

The Board and I are pleased to share that we have posted our ministerial search on the UUA jobs board and will anticipate activity as we approach and move through May. We have a search committee forming, and will be looking for a contract / … read more.

Congratulations, Pastor Madelyn!

On behalf of the congregation, the Board would like to offer sincere congratulations to Pastor Madelyn Campbell on the coming award of her Doctor of Divinity Degree at the National Cathedral on Sunday, May 1, 2022.

This is a milestone event, towards which she has spent … read more.

President’s Column

Board work for February will involve a coordinated effort, one that includes the Committee on Shared Ministry, to conduct an annual assessment of the ministries of the church. Although not in its final form, our plan is to interview a randomized group of approximately 30 … read more.

Relocation Site Update

The Board wants to let the congregation know that the prospective church office space offered to us at Lehigh Valley Active Life is not adequate to our needs. Therefore, we’re searching out an alternative office space to rent in the vicinity of LVAL, Allentown. If … read more.

The Bethlehem No Home for Hate Campaign

The Bethlehem Interfaith Group (B.I.G.) is asking each house of worship to gather signatures for the “No Home for Hate” campaign. The campaign will run through February 28, 2022. B.I.G. describes the campaign and petition as follows:

The “Bethlehem No Home for Hate” campaign has just … read more.

Did You Know?

The Leadership Development Committee has developed a series of slides to highlight the path, benefits, and responsibilities of membership in UUCLV. A new slide will be posted each week throughout the month. Get informed and then get involved!

Click each slide below for a larger version.

… read more.

December 2019 Breakfast Forum Schedule

December 1

What Does it Mean to be a People of Awe?

Please join us for a small group discussion on what does it mean to be a people of awe.


December 8

American Revolutionary War from the British Viewpoint With its Modern Implications – Richard A. … read more.

October 2019 Breakfast Forum Schedule

October 6

What Does it Mean to be a People of Belonging?

Please join us for a small group discussion on what does it mean to be a people of expectation.


October 13

Global Mamas (Women in Progress) – Fair Trade in Ghana – John & Fran Kennedy, … read more.