August 2018 Breakfast Forum Schedule


August 5

“The Story of God II w/Morgan Freeman”Cease Blocker, Presenter
“Why Does Evil Exist” Where does evil come from? Morgan sets out to understand the root of evil and how our ideas have evolved over the millennia. Many issues are explored including the devil and God, the impulse to rape and kill. Is evil inside us? Are we good or evil? Do we need outside control influences such as religion? DVD

August 12

“A More Perfect Union”Cari Poole, Presenter
We are going to learn from experts about the remarkable history of the USA Constitution in this PBS series. We travel with Peter Sagal around the United States to find how the power sharing between the states and the federal government was created and see examples of how it is currently holding up. We explore issues like medical marijuana in California and gun control in Montana. Pt 1 of 4

August 19

“The Story of God II w/Morgan Freeman”Cease Blocker, Presenter
“Heaven and Hell” What are Heaven and Hell? Do they exist or are they here and now? Morgan explores how they have influenced the way we live, including early concepts and current practices such as speaking in tongues, expelling devils from the body, India’s Visnu concepts, near death experiences, etc. DVD

August 26

“Does the Universe Have A Purpose?”Tom Repasch, Presenter
We continue to ponder the question that the John Templeton Foundation asked ten years ago of a dozen big thinkers, including astrophysicists, computer scientists, theologians, and Nobel Prize recipients. Tom Repasch will facilitate a discussion of their answers, and our own.