Rev. Don Garrett’s selected sermons from 2017-2018:

25-Nov-2018 Gratitude Read
11-Nov-2018 The Most Important Thing to Remember Read
04-Nov-2018 Diwali Read
02-Sep-2018 Vision Read
26-Aug-2018 Universalism for Difficult Times Read
17-Jun-2018 Juneteenth Read
03-Jun-2018 Ramadan Read
20-May-2018 Pentecost Read
06-May-2018 Creativity Read
15-Apr-2018 What Is Our Common Wealth? Read
02-Feb-2018 The Long Haul Read Listen
21-Jan-2018 What’s Your Intention Read Listen
07-Jan-2018 Happy New Year Read Listen
17-Dec-2017 Hanukkah and Christmas Read Listen
03-Dec-2017 Advent Read Listen
17-Nov-2017 Affluence without Abundance Read Listen
05-Nov-2017 Dorothy Day Read Listen
17-Sep-2017 Transformational Worship Read Listen
03-Sep-2017 Labor Day Read
03-Jul-2017 The Separation of Church and State Read
04-Jun-2017 Take Joy Read Listen
07-May-2017 Shadow Dancing Read Listen
30-Apr-2017 Black Lives of UU Teach-In
(with Beth Williams, Diana Lormand,
Tara Stephenson, and Vanessa Williams)
16-Apr-2017 Easter Read Listen
26-Mar-2017 Justice Sunday Read Listen
12-Mar-2017 Meditation: Toward A New Definition of God Read Listen
12-Mar-2017 Making Dreams Come True Read Listen