1st – 4th Grades: Jewish and Christian Stories
starting on September 16th, 2018

The Spirit Play classroom

Using the Montessori educational method, children are invited one at a time to calmly enter the classroom in a spirit of cooperation. They sit in a circle around the storyteller, who tells a UU-themed story that incorporates three-dimensional objects that are manipulated while the story is told. The objects may be figures of people or animals or other objects. After the story is told, the leader asks open-ended wondering questions to stimulate conversation about the meaning of the story and to encourage the children to find their own interpretation. Then the students make a creative response to the theme, either with art materials or play, or they can work with the story elements from a previous lesson. Children are then asked to clean up and put away all materials before gathering for a feast, a snack they share communally. This ritualized liturgy brings spirit into the classroom more than a simple lesson, craft and snack. While the classroom is highly structured, it also accommodates different learning styles and grade levels.

Curriculum: Jewish and Christian Stories

 Even if we UUs don’t take them literally, stories from the Torah and the New Testament are more than myths – they are  parables that teach us about our world. This year, we’ll cover some of the most important and well-known people and stories and explore what we can learn from them.