1st – 4th Grades: Soul Matters

The Spirit Play classroom

Three Sundays a month, students gather in room 208.  We begin each class gathered around our chalice which we light together with the opening words, “We are Unitarian Universalists. We are the church of the open mind, the loving heart and the helping hands.” Children are encouraged to take a stone which they add to our bowl of water and share something of joy or sorrow.  Our class continues with a story that helps define the subject or word of the month.  This year, our congregation is following the monthly SoulMatters themes.  Our 2020 Themes are January: Integrity February: Resilience, March: Wisdom, April: Liberation May: Thresholds, June: Play.  We often have a creative project that we work on together or individually as a response to the theme. We clean up and put away all materials before going to the gym for snacks and cooperative play before Worship in the sanctuary at 10:30.

Curriculum: Souil Matters